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front 7 update

by Jay ⌂, San Diego, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 17:47
edited by Jay, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 18:51

A continuation of our front 7 discussion ( ). Previously we highlighted the fact that peer programs typically sign at least seven Front 7 guys per year to build out their defensive core. With the defections of Lynch and Burton, we're currently sitting at six:

DE Carrico
DE Springmann
DE Tuitt

ILB Grace

OLB Councell
OLB Rabasa

And now with French off the board (and unless some new names crop up) I believe we're down to four final targets:

DE Troy Niklas

DE Brennan Scarlet

OLB/DE Shane Ray

OLB Ishaq Williams

I think it's critical we get at least one of Ray or Williams to fill out the LB spot. And an additional one of these four would be even better.



This is a good front 7 class...

by scriptcomesfirst @, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 18:33 @ Jay

landing Ishaq Williams makes it a great class. I think we get the Ray kid at DE as well.

Ishaq is on campus till tomorrow (arrived yesterday), and all indications are that we have an excellent shot. Scout recently made him a 5 star, but the stat I like the most is 6'6 230 with a 4.6 forty.


as far as the linebacker situation goes

by Pat, Right behind you, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 18:12 @ Jay

it seems to me that the front seven breakdown is closer to this:

DE Carrico
DE Springmann
DE Tuitt
[DE Ray]
[DE Niklas]
[DE Scarlett]

OLB Councell
OLB Rabasa
[OLB Ishaq]

ILB Grace

I think Rabasa is penciled in to play the Fleming pass-rushing style OLB while Councell is more like the Kerry Neal drop-into-coverage OLB. Ishaq is probably the top remaining ND recruit out there because he adds the kind of size and speed Kelly has talked about the OLB position needing.

Landing one or two of the Ray/Niklas/Scarlett group would be great because then ND would have the DE numbers to shift Carrico or Springmann to OL if they need additional numbers over there.


good points

by Jay ⌂, San Diego, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 18:47 @ Pat

For some reason I still had Rabasa & Councell down as DEs.


My amateurish recruiting opinon

by Domer99, John Wesley Powell's Expedition Island, Thursday, December 09, 2010, 18:02 @ Jay

(Ok, not really mine, but what I've formulated from others)

And it's not from watching film review, it's really just culling thoughts from what a lot of other recruitniks have said, is that Ray is most likely a DE down the road. If his frame is able to support some weight, then the most apt comparison would be a Kapron Lewis-Moore-type project at DE. A lot of so called recruitnik "experts" (a term I use loosely) don't think he'll see a down of OLB while at ND.

If what I've said is true (and a strong possibility it isn't), then it looks like Williams or bust at OLB (for the prospects left). And then it's an issue of Scarlett or Niklas or Ray at DE, with each bringing their own special skill set to the table.

And hopefully this doesn't need to be said but I will say it anyway: Please take any of my repeated thoughts I've hijacked from others with the proverbial grain of salt. They mean absolutely nothing. But then most of you already know that.

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