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538 mocks up playoff scenarios since 1988

by Jay ⌂, San Diego, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 14:23

Interesting wrench the semifinal throws

by Greg, sittin on the dock of the bay, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 14:32 @ Jay

Related, did anyone else see Saban's staunch protection of his players (and not at all his legion of analysts) who have to try to prepare for a football game the week after a football game:

Alabama coach Nick Saban lamented what he feels is a quick turnaround from the College Football Playoff semifinal games to the championship game, saying that it's difficult to come off a bowl game with only seven days to prepare.

"Someone has to think about the players," Saban said, "and not what's convenient for the media or TV."

This couldn't possibly have anything to do with the gigantic advantage he has in bowl games (an almost unbeatable coach when he has a lot of time to prepare) and the shrinking of that advantage in the 7-day scenario, could it?


they don’t even go back to class until Jan 10

by Jay ⌂, San Diego, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 16:07 @ Greg

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They go to class?

by Jeff (BGS), A starter home in suburban Tempe, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 16:52 @ Jay

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At night, the ice weasels come.

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