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This Tiger story is pretty cool

by BPH, San Diego, Friday, December 01, 2017, 11:48

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The Life of Pi?

by Bryan (IrishCavan), Howth Castle and Environs, Friday, December 01, 2017, 11:54 @ BPH

The Jungle Book? Don't leave us hanging, man.


Ha, no, just the long-injured golfer

by BPH, San Diego, Friday, December 01, 2017, 12:33 @ Bryan (IrishCavan)

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A late-career surge to tie Jack would be really cool.

by MattG, Friday, December 01, 2017, 13:46 @ BPH

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Hell, just a charge to get one more would be awesome

by Jeremy (WeIsND), Offices of Babip Pecota Vorp & Eckstein, Friday, December 01, 2017, 14:14 @ MattG

Can you imagine Augusta if he's in the hunt on Sunday next year?


Older guys tend to make runs at Augusta and the British...

by BillyGoat, At Thanksgiving with Joe Bethersontin, Friday, December 01, 2017, 14:40 @ Jeremy (WeIsND)

Though the British won't be at St. Andrew's or either of the other courses where he has won any time soon.

If he gets his short game mojo back, he will always be a threat at Augusta -- where experience is honored more than maybe any other course.

There's also the US Open at Pebble in 2019 and Torrey Pines in 2021, so those are possibilities.

But we've seen Couples, Watson, and some other guys play very good major golf late in their careers.

The main problem is that Tiger has had four back surgeries and at least one knee, and he swings so freeking hard that it's hard to see how he will hold together.


His swing looks great right now

by Jeremy (WeIsND), Offices of Babip Pecota Vorp & Eckstein, Friday, December 01, 2017, 14:45 @ BillyGoat

But if any of those things start hurting again, even a little bit, his attempts to compensate seem to be a big culprit in 1) messing with the mechanics and 2) exacerbating his condition(s).

It will be interesting to see how he does after playing 4 days in a row. If he looks good on Sunday this weekend, that probably bodes well for him being able to play about as often as he used to.

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