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We've got Orange Bowl closure

by Bill, Southern California, Friday, September 21, 2012, 07:09

Orange Bowl finalizes matchup in the playoff era beginning after the 2014 season

By Dennis Dodd | Senior College Football Columnist

September 20, 2012 12:17 am ET

The Orange Bowl has a deal with Notre Dame, the SEC and the Big Ten for 2014. (US Presswire)
The Orange Bowl matchup in the new playoff era has been finalized multiple sources told on Wednesday.

The ACC champion will play the highest-ranked team among Notre Dame and available teams from the SEC and Big Ten beginning after the 2014 season.

The pairing finalizes the matchups for the three "contract" bowls - Rose, Champions, Orange -- keeping a large majority of the revenue in the playoff structure in the five power conferences. first reported that the Orange Bowl was finalizing a deal with Notre Dame, the SEC and Big Ten. The latest move completes how the playoff structure will look beginning after the 2014 season. Three other "access" bowls - not contracted to a team or conference - have yet to be determined.

Even though the revenue distribution for the playoff hasn't been formally announced, multiple sources have told the conferences in those three contract bowls will keep all the revenue in years when they are not national semifinals. The Rose and Champions bowls are still determining how many times they will be national semifinals during the 12-year playoff agreement. The more times those bowls are out of the playoff loop, the more revenue for the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC.

The playoff now looks a lot like the BCS with most of the money going to the PAC-12, Big Ten, SEC, ACC and Big 12. Revenue from a separate piece -- the national semis, championship game and three open or "access" bowls -- will be shared by the 10 FBS conferences and Notre Dame.

Unlike the current BCS, there will be no limit on the number of teams from a conference to fill the 12 available slots. As many as 10 of those spots could be spoken for in any given year. Those 12 schools will be selected by a human committee.

With the Orange move, the Big East is not currently assured an automatic spot in the playoff bowls. It will be up to those access bowls to select a team or teams from the Big East, MAC, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Conference USA in years when those bowls are not national semifinals. Bowls. In certain years, the SEC and Big Ten will have access to four of the six games in the playoff rotation.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that the commissioners are considering an additional two games to the format to provide more access.

In 2011, the contract bowl portion of the playoff structure would have looked like this:

National semifinals

No. 1 LSU vs. No. 4 Stanford

No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Oklahoma State

Rose Bowl

Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Champions Bowl

Arkansas vs. Kansas State

Orange Bowl

Clemson vs. South Carolina*


(Note: This model is based on years when none of the three contract bowls would be national semifinals)



bowl games losing a little luster

by OrangeBlueGray ⌂ @, Friday, September 21, 2012, 08:07 @ Bill

starting to notice it a little more with the Social media age and player tweets and closer media coverage but unless it's a National Title game or for underclassmen or seniors with no chance of going pro, many guys just don't seem like risking injury for a seemingly meaningless game.

The setup of talking up to 6 weeks off between games is a little strange in any sport and we're seeing more guys checking out between the end of the season and the game.

Who won the last three Orange Bowls - or Sugar Bowls anyway?

Still fun to watch during the holidays, but some games are starting to go the way of the Pro Bowl.

EDIT and addition --- another reason to add a playoff system



by Jeremy (WeIsND), Offices of Babip Pecota Vorp & Eckstein, Friday, September 21, 2012, 08:09 @ OrangeBlueGray

Are there articles out there about this? Can't say its terribly surprising, but I don't recall seeing this talked about.


maybe it was just Will Hill...

by OrangeBlueGray ⌂ @, Friday, September 21, 2012, 08:15 @ Jeremy (WeIsND)

throw seniors being tempted by agents in there as well.


Ranked? Ranked by whom?

by KGB, Friday, September 21, 2012, 08:06 @ Bill

Not to be Debbie Downer, but I'm not particularly enthused about the notion that we could get hosed out of a big bowl by Scott Wolf and his ilk. I'm sure that if we were close enough to end up in that position, we'd have a reasonable alternative. I just don't like the fact that the idiot pollsters are going to continue to be involved in the postseason process.


boy, things quickly changed after the initial announcement

by Jay ⌂, San Diego, Friday, September 21, 2012, 07:19 @ Bill

Remember when the playoff was unveiled, and they said all the other bowls would be matched up by the committee as well, and everyone nodded and said that was a great idea to ensure great matchups? That all went out the window in about five minutes.


True, and no doubt the Fiesta will feel pressure to follow

by Bill, Southern California, Friday, September 21, 2012, 07:24 @ Jay

suit and strike a deal for itself. Hopefully the Savvy one is talking with them already. It would be nice to have a 'western' bowl option.

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