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more on assistant coaching salaries (updated)

by Jay ?, San Diego, Monday, January 16, 2012, 12:20
edited by Jay, Monday, January 16, 2012, 12:32

Bill posted the link to the USA Today database below ( ).

I took the data for the major conferences (ACC, B10, B12, P12, SEC...left out the Big East) and threw them into a spreadsheet. Keep in mind this data was for the 2010-11 season, and a lot of these coaches are already on the move, but the data is interesting as a snapshot nonetheless. Also, the database does not list positions, so it's tough to compare OC versus DC, for example. Finally, there was no data for private schools who do not disclose (see below).

Some observations:

* the SEC paid 7 of the top 8 assistant contracts in college football, with Gus Malzahn leading the way at $1.3 million

* the only non-SEC assistant in the top 8 was Greg Mattison at #5, pulling down $750k

* top guys by conference:

SEC - Malzahn, Auburn - 1.3 mil (missing Vanderbilt)
B10 - Mattison, Michigan - 750k (missing Northwestern, Penn State)
ACC - Kevin Steele, Clemson - 680k (missing Duke, BC, Miami, Wake)
P12 - Nick Holt, UW - 650k (missing Southern Cal, Stanford)
B12 - Manny Diaz, Texas - 625k

* average of the top 3 guys at each school by conference. Again, the SEC dwarfs everyone -- almost 50% better pay than the next conference:

SEC - 486k
ACC - 346k
B12 - 344k
B10 - 298k
P12 - 272k

* ND's salaries are not listed (as a private school), but let's think about this. Who are our top 3 guys? I'm guessing Martin, Diaco...and Hiestand? Do we think their average salaries are competitive? Where do you think they rank in the previous list?



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