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some stats on NCAA football playing surfaces

by Jay ?, San Diego, Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 12:08
edited by Jay, Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 12:19

Using some data from cfbstats, I found the following types of playing surfaces in use in Division 1 football (2010 season). These are home stadia and do not include any neutral venues.

Grass		52
Artificial	69

"Grass" includes the two Greentech ITM fields (MSU and VT) and any other natural grass systems that may be lurking out there. Artificial encompasses the following systems:

Astroplay		11
AstroTurf		 3
A-Turf*			 1
FieldTurf		44
NexTurf			 1
Prestige System		 1
ProGrass		 1
ProPlay			 1
Sportexe Momentum	 3
Sportexe PowerBlade**	 1
SportsTurf		 1
TurfTech		 1

* not sure if this is a typo of AstroTurf or a completely different surface. P.S. I can't fucking believe there are teams still playing on AstroTurf, but there are. Here's to you, Middle Tenn State, North Texas, and Idaho. You are real men.

** I assume you have to water POWERBLADE with BRAWNDO



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