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Winning was, ultimately, bad for him

by Greg, 'dena, Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:15 @ JD in Portland

As you say, it pushed him to a big high but also revealed everything. So not only are the issues that were pending on January 20, 2017 (loans coming due, state investigations) still in play, but as you note his properties have lost cachet and there are federal investigations and issues.

And without the familiar law firms to do the heavy lifting of stretching things out, obstructing prosecutors, hammering opposing litigants, and generally kicking cans down the road, his new and lesser lawyers will have to try to keep up the old tactics but on those additional fronts.

And - and good for you for bringing it up - he'll have less money to pay those lesser lawyers with because his properties are getting dumped by organizations left and right and becoming must-avoid for individuals. What he has left are, as you note, a very limited number of entities and persons who still believe in him or support him.

But if a few judgments hit or indictments come down that make things uglier for him, even those supporters may stop patronizing his properties. Then what happens?

It'll be an interesting year for sure. I'd love to look back at this time next year and see what has happened to him.

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