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He’s in for so much litigation and prosecution

by JD in Portland @, Portland OR, Saturday, January 23, 2021, 08:51 @ Mike (bart)

And law firms will not be eager to represent him; in fact 1-2 of his long time law firms dumped him this week.
He’s going or have to deal with inciting a riot, tax fraud, election law violations, sexual assault, MaraLago land use dispute, countless contract cases etc etc. The NY AG alone is going to have him defending more suits than he’ll know what to do with.
And now that he’s not the POTUS, I expect we’ll hear from more whistleblowers, people either still now or formerly in the government, with wrongdoing we don’t even know about yet.
His businesses will tank even more than they already have because no business meetings will be held at his properties unless it’s the Mr Pillow annual meeting or Hobby Lobby or Newsmax.
He is totally screwed with our without an impeachment conviction.
His lifetime of breaking every rule and norm and never being held accountable is over. No one is coming to his defense and all hell is going to unleashed on him. But rather than one big hit, it’ll be steady and coming from numerous directions, a continuous firestorm for the next 5 yrs - convictions, massive judgments, liens, loss of assets, huge fines, shunned socially and professionally, possibly prison.


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