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He is a classmate and a world class a-hole

by Albie, Friday, January 22, 2021, 12:53 @ Jack

He has been grifting his entire adult life. I know I have shared this before but he was in ROTC for one year at ND then dropped. Admittedly, this was allowed at the time with no strings attached. What was loathsome about it though was he basically told other cadets he never had any intention of doing more than one year so it didn't matter that he could barely fit into his uniform by second semester. He didn't show up to mandatory workouts for those over body fat, basically made no effort whatsoever. I guess he was too busy working on his Student Government career.

To make matters worse on the lobbying grift, he owns a farm in Central Virginia so probably has played the system to pay zero taxes annually.

Another member of the ND-Trump Hall of Shame.


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