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OK, so this whole thing is a giant crock of horseshit

by Brendan @, The Chemical and Oil Refinery State, Friday, January 22, 2021, 07:51 @ JN

The head coach at the time was trying to steer the kid to Willie Taggart at Florida State. He turned in ND, Texas A&M, and Florida for "impermissible contact" so that they'd have to stop recruiting him and it would theoretically clear the path for Taggart. The NCAA actually reviewed school security camera footage to confirm that Lyght et al. talked to the kid when they technically shouldn't have (which, btw, does happen fairly often with all schools). The kid ended up going to Washington, but the coach is now on Taggart's staff at FAU.

Total horseshit. The NCAA should've issued a show-cause against that guy, not against Lyght. And they can't be bothered to give even a cursory glance into why Alabama players are always driving - and posting about! - their new cars, but they review security tapes to confirm that Lyght talked to a kid. Fuck them forever. What a useless fucking organization.

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