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My city has its own dept of health separate from

by IrishGuard, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 07:21 @
edited by IrishGuard, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 07:31

Cook county’s (because of course it does, we also have two separate park districts...). My city is (as several other suburbs are) going right to the public school district to vaccinate their teachers, but I teach in Chicago, which is having residents put themselves on its own list. Am I paying hefty taxes to be shut out of my own town’s supply? What happens if I am turned away by Chicago because I’m not a resident? Meanwhile, I called the local hospital, which is set to begin vaccinating teachers this week, and the head nurse there hasn’t heard word one about this from the public health department. And all this after they’ve already pushed back the next wave of vaccinations because they ran out and couldn’t deliver on their promises.

There is no plan. Local government at all levels is left to compete with other local governments. The Biden admin team is out this morning just airing their frustrations about this—there is not even a skeleton plan in place they can retool. Total fucking incompetence! And that’s of course red meat for the libertarian set, who are using it as evidence of general government incompetence rather than the singularly awful leadership of Trump.


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