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Ryan Harris was just on a personal finance podcast

by Mike (Max) @, Orlando, Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 06:26

that I often listen to. I saw the title and thought, "That Ryan Harris?" Indeed. Haven't listened to this episode yet, but here is the synopsis:

Fighting Stress and Doubt (with Ryan Harris)

Ryan Harris has had a front row seat to stress. Over a 10 year career in the National Football League and 4 years as a starting lineman at Notre Dame, he played in plenty of “this is the most important play of all” situations. Now on a quest to help empower people to embrace better financial habits, the former Super Bowl 50 winner joins us today to talk about how to fight stress and how to live with doubt. He’ll also share his own story of making plenty of money but still not possessing the systems to hold on to cash.


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