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One thing I'll be interested to watch about JG

by Buffalo @, The Dirty South, Thursday, January 04, 2018, 06:33 @ BPH

I think there have been some changes to the pro football calendar and restrictions on off-season work that may really affect Gruden's approach.

Gruden's offensive system requires a very experienced or preternaturally talented quarterback to work. Sure, he rode that great Tampa Bay defense to a championship, but his best years with his offensive system were with Rich Gannon in Oakland.

Even since he last coached, NFL teams have to rely on younger players or players with less time with their teams. They don't get to practice as much in the off-season, and don't get to hit as much even in summer camp.

Moreover, Gruden is a control freak. He's not turning over the offense to someone like Vermeil did with Mike Martz when he returned after a lengthy broadcasting hiatus.

I used to be 100% on the Gruden bandwagon for ND. Now, I think he's just been away from the game too long.


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