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UCF is going all-in on claiming the title this year

by Brendan ? @, The Chemical and Oil Refinery State, Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 13:53

They're hanging a banner and holding a parade. Here's what AD Danny White said to ESPN:

"If you take the long view of the history of college football, there's an awful lot of national championships being claimed by universities that didn't accomplish what we accomplished this year in those respective seasons, so we feel we're more than justified to claim our first national championship, and we think it'll be the first of many," [UCF AD Danny] White told ESPN.

"I don't think our kids should be penalized because we weren't respected by the College Football Playoff committee, nor should our program be penalized because we weren't around 20 or 30 years ago when people were claiming national championships left and right. We're trying to build our program and we feel very strongly as the only undefeated team and having beat Auburn, who beat both teams competing for the national championship, that we have an extremely sound case to claim the crown."

They're also paying out national championship bonuses to all the assistant coaches, which makes this substantially more than a marketing ploy. Good for them. Paul Finebaum unironically expressed his displeasure with UCF's push to be recognized as national champions, which makes me enjoy their campaign even more.

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