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I agree with most of this

by ndphilo @, Seal Beach, Thursday, December 07, 2017, 16:38 @ scriptcomesfirst

But I think things start getting more difficult when you reference reaction to Clinton. Given that the past is the past, what are people supposed to do now? If they stick by there defenses of Clinton, it perpetuates the problem. If they shift, and rightly condemn what was wrong, you find them comical or nauseating?

I think it is fair to say people should have done better in the past. I think it is counterproductive to do anything but praise them if they do come around to the right view of things. I think the only response to the shifts is to say things like: "absolutely, its about time, sorry it took you so long but good that you are saying it now, etc.." Anything else perpetuates the partisan, competitive response that you are decrying, elevating the charge of hypocrisy over the importance of getting things right.


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