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Roy Moore should be in jail, not an effing ballot.

by scriptcomesfirst @, Thursday, December 07, 2017, 15:50 @ hobbs

Conyers should have been jettisoned a long time ago. Trump should be nowhere near the Oval Office. Franken is just pathetic to me. I don't think Party should have anything to do with any of this.

The latter day realization that just maybe Bill Clinton was a sexual predator and that Hillary enabled and abetted him with her character assasinations of his accusers would be comical if it wasn't so nauseating. I would wager a decent amount that his fall from grace gets steeper once more info about his activities on the Island of underage orgies comes to light.

The standard won't change until people stop trying to score political points and rather just stand up for what they knowing is fucking right.


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