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It's the 405. It's also the 101, but that's...

by Greg, sittin on the dock of the bay, Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 14:36 @ Grantland

...not an interstate.

Generally, it comes from the fact that the freeways here all originally went by names -- the Pasadena Freeway, the Harbor Freeway, the San Bernardino Freeway, the Golden State Freeway, the Hollywood Freeway, the San Diego Freeway. But some of them -- e.g., the Golden State and the San Diego; the San Bernardino and the Santa Monica -- shared numbers. So at some point we changed from using exclusively the names to using the numbers. But we still retained the "the." Verbally, I always use the "the," though in writing I may use "Interstate ##."

PCH was never a freeway, so it's just PCH.


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