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I prefer a 5-year deal

by Greg, sittin on the dock of the bay, Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 12:53 @ NDTex

In particular, a deal with a pretty large buyout for the first three years and a substantially smaller buyout after year four. That kind of deal puts the onus on the coach to produce in years one two and three, or to be on the hot seat with a small buyout after year four. I also like renegotiation after year three if the coach has been successful such that, from that point onward, the contract tends to roll between having three and five years left on it so there are no negative recruiting consequences to the deal. I think that a buyout (on either side) can be arranged in that type of rolling structure to be equitable to both parties and not based on the number of years left on what is really a long-term deal with a structure defined by issues other than the term. Locking in a coach for a longer period of time smacks of either small-school foolishness (where the term is long but the buyout small because the term doesn't really matter if the guy gets called away) or little brother syndrome (Texas A&M) or a coach who is going to retire at the school anyway.

NB: I wrote and deleted two posts saying that ND should only offer three year contracts because if the guy doesn't win a championship after year three he should be fired anyway. Couldn't get the sarcastic tone quite right. If anyone else wants to try, go for it!


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