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Yeah, but you're assuming Taggart isn't

by Jack @, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 15:59 @ KGB
edited by Jack, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, 16:08

I'm not sure what you're basing that on. Prior to Oregon, he took two schools way down back to being winning teams. Western Kentucky when he took over was so bad they had a 26 game losing streak going. Me, I'll take chance on a turnaround artist under most circumstances, especially a guy who's done it not once, but twice. Based on that and his recruiting, and that he's a Florida native, I think Taggart is the best possible choice for FSU of remaining available coaches. Would I take him over Charlie Strong? After Strong's stint at Texas, absolutely.

As for recruiting, it's not a guarantee of success, but lousy recruiting is certainly a guarantee of failure. Jay mentions a name illustrating that definitively in response to my post below.


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