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To steal from some HR theory

by Brendan ? @, The Chemical and Oil Refinery State, Monday, December 04, 2017, 10:52 @ Grantland

I'd guess that it's primarily a hygiene factor, not a motivator. As in, if all or most of the motivators are met it won't matter, but if not it could be an issue.

It's probably very difficult to generalize these - there are kids for whom distance, for example, might trump winning, like recent NC State commit Payton Wilson - but I'd guess for the majority of recruits it breaks down something like this...

Motivators: Winning, NFL development, relationship w/ position coaches, potential for fame/recognition, academic potential (for some), tradition (for some)

Hygiene factors: Weather, girls, facilities, distance, relationship w/ head coach, academic potential (for others)

And so on.

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