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I was wondering the same.

by Kevin @, Monday, December 04, 2017, 10:33 @ Jeremy (WeIsND)

Here's what I remember at ND:

American Studies was fairly popular among players. Marketing and Management both did pretty well, too. I don't recall FTT being a huge football major.

I remember Tim Ridder working his ass off, until 2 am, all the time. I think he was an Econ major. His coach in Indianapolis told him, "this is only an insult in the NFL, but you're too smart for this shit." Tim was then released.

Kory Minor sat in the front row of every class. He was a borderline nerd. Took notes like it was law school and asked questions all the time.

When I go through periodic (feel free to fall out of your chair laughing) negative thoughts about the program, I do remind myself of those memories. I want to win more games. I do think we have good kids on the team.


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