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Spot-checking their majors

by Kevin @, Monday, December 04, 2017, 10:13 @ Jay

Kelly Bryant: History -- good major

Trevion Thompson: Pre-business -- I'm skeptical. Why do you need to be "pre" something that is itself an undergraduate major, unless this is a transition into an actual business major?

Hunter Renfrow: Economics -- good major

Ray-Ray McCloud: Health Science -- would need to know more, including how many guys are parked here.

Christian Wilkins: Communications -- if he says that's a good major, let's just agree with him

Dexter Lawrence: Justice Studies -- see Ray-Ray.

Travis Etienne: Freshman, undeclared

Kendall Joseph: Health Science

Austin Bryant: Pre-business

Dorian O'Daniel: Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. The buzzer sounds.

OK. What does this tell us?

1. A bullshit major exists at Clemson.

2. Of the ten headliners I checked, only one was parked there.

3. On this list, not too many repeats. A couple Health Science, a couple pre-Business.

4. A couple good majors, and a number that could go either way.

What I don't know: what the larger trends are, are these all legitimate Clemson undergrad majors filled with other undergraduate students, and how much work do the players put in.

I do think it's safe to assume ND players have harder academic workloads, put in more work, and are more a part of the ND student body. There is a reason we root for these guys, after all. But I don't know enough to write off the major schools as soulless football factories.


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