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1. I think you're amplifying what is a small sample size

by Jay ?, San Diego, Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:55 @ Mike (bart)

2. You're using ppg differential and combining game outcomes among different classes of opponents (44-6 over Army with opposite vs USC gets us a net zero, but is that telling us anything useful?)

3. You're only looking at November (but not games on say, October 28 or 29). Why?

4. You're ignoring SOS for the first two thirds of the schedule against the last third, which has USC and Stanford and a bowl opponent in most years.

5. You're combining year results based on "ranking" going into November . (Let's lump 2012,14,15, and 17 together and get an average? And then compare that net average to the other years? Huh?)

6. Your use of ppg average net between different segments of the season severely distorts what happened in a particular season. Take 2012, where we were +65 in points in November games with four wins -- a very strong November upended by the Alabama game in January. But you tag that year as "-11 ppg differential". Hardly an accurate representation of what happened down the stretch that year.


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