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Pulling a couple of consensus points from this thread:

by Mike (bart), Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:52 @ Mike (bart)

that would seem to obtain whether you want to play in my pop-psych sandbox or not:

- ND should manage the late season schedule better. We are certainly better served with a true bodybag game in November rather than elsewhere in the schedule. Navy, as of right now, is certainly not a bodybag game. Maybe look at a November bye week?

-We should stop self-reporting shit to the NCAA. It's a corrupt and garbage arbiter of conduct, and there is no additional virtue in ND trying to please an idiot governing body

- consider giving players the option to put themselves on 4 or 5 year degree plans? I know this is a red button issue in many quarters, but I don't know that I understand why. Any insight?


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