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responding to everyone

by Mike (bart), Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:33 @ Mike (bart)

I don't have the time or energy to litigate all these points but the facts are out there if you want them (e.g., Navy actually and a great late season record the past 4 years, Stanford has consistently improved over the course of the season, guys at other schools actually do go to class, etc.)

At a macro-level, if you want to take the position that every other school has it better than us -- that we are uniquely disadvantaged because of student-athlete issues -- I just have a hard time buying that. I have a hard time buying it for three reasons:

1) It's not something that manifests for ND when we enter November as an also-ran

2) It assumes that ND and ND guys are all angels in this department, which I think we know is not the case

3) This is a more personal assessment (read: bullshit) reason but it just seems like way too convenient an explanation. Don't even worry about responding to this point if you don't agree with it, just feel free to disregard.


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