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They can drop a class up to the day before the final

by Brendan ? @, The Chemical and Oil Refinery State, Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:31 @ KGB

All Stanford students can, so it's not like it's an accommodation just for the football team. The idea is that students will be more likely to challenge themselves, to test their boundaries, if they know there's a safety net. Which is admirable academically, but the net effect for the football team is, as you note, that it's virtually impossible to fail a class.

Stanford also puts everyone on a five-year track right away, while ND puts everyone on a 3.5 year track. That's the one thing they do that I wholeheartedly believe we should emulate yesterday. We manufacture unnecessary academic stress for our kids with the compressed timeline. You want to preserve the grad rate? Fine, dig in the couch cushions to find what you need for the 4 or 5 players a year who will need the extra time to finish a degree but can't reasonably contribute to the team. Should be easy enough to figure out a need-based package for one year.

Also, on the behavioral point... Duke and Northwestern have both suspended players for behavioral and academic issues. Northwestern had a kid get arrested for dealing drugs - like, legit street corner dealing, not selling his vicodin in the locker room - and Duke dismissed a couple of guys last year too. Meanwhile, an unnamed player at Stanford was accused of sexual assault by a female student, but it went nowhere and Shaw issued no internal discipline because only a majority of the three-person review board felt an assault occurred, not the entire board. I understand that every accusation is a thorny situation to a degree, but I'll just offer that from what I've read about various incidents, I believe there's a general reluctance at Stanford to deal with potential dismissal or suspension for any student because they don't want to "ruin" that kid's career/life.

That's a very large can of worms that should really be a separate discussion from the rest of this, but at the 30,000 foot view, it should at least be noted that they literally never lose kids for academic or behavioral problems. In the entire Shaw-Harbaugh era, they haven't lost any significant contributors for more than a single game for any reason.

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