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by San Pedro, Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:25 @ Jay

we can come up with a bunch of things before drinking our own bathwater enters the mix.

1. Poor QB play/development/coaching
2. Other teams figuring out Number 1 and scheming for it.
3. Poor WR play/development/coaching.
4. Recruiting whiffs at WR, DL and Safety for ____ years running, leaving those positions unskilled and/or thin.
5. Our Special Teams largely stink and lost us a tremendous amount of yards in field position - coaching.
6. Our OL's increased inability to deal with athletic defenders/speed rushers.
7. We played a damn tough schedule coming out of the bye week and guys got beat up/tired/emotionally drained.
8. Opposing offensive coordinators figured out our weak spots on defense and began exploiting them later in the season. Coaching. See 4 above.

Mike may have a larger point about the culture of ND making it tough to win. But that's broader than the bathwater quaffing argument. The academic rigors and subsequent recruitment of guys who maybe don't/can't prioritize football as much as the players at football factories could be something.


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