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you call it what you want

by Mike (bart), Monday, December 04, 2017, 09:21 @ Jay

It's not like we ran into any buzzsaws. The combined records of our post.-Nov. 1 opponents down the stretch was 8-9. We've been blown out in big late season games for 24 straight years now, regardless of team quality or lack thereof of our own team. We are on average 3 touchdowns worse in November than Sept-Oct. under Kelly when we enter the month ranked, and almost exactly the same in November as we are in Sept-Oct. when we enter the month unranked. If you don't think there's something specific to ND that inhibits it's ability to handle success (as opposed to simply play a 12-game season like everyone else) that is your choice, but I haven't seen anything to move me off the premise. I'm all ears relative to different explanations within that premise - I've offered one that is pretty thin, I agree, but in the absence of any other it's what I'm sticking with.


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