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Well, Urban except for last year maybe

by Brendan ? @, The Chemical and Oil Refinery State, Monday, December 04, 2017, 08:59 @ Grantland
edited by Brendan, Monday, December 04, 2017, 14:55

I agree generally, just saying. I'll be interested to see how they come out against USC given that Meyer has been complaining about how they got screwed out of a playoff spot.

I think Dabo is probably the best in the country at this. He's not wound nearly as tight as Saban/Meyer/Harbaugh/Stoops/etc., or if he is he does a good job of hiding it. I get the sense that he just understands how to relate to the kids and make them feel like he cares, which in turn makes them more responsive to him.

By the way - I've made this point here several times before, but on Dabo versus Harbaugh... Other than stylistic preference, I haven't quite grasped why a large number of ND fans put Harbaugh in the first tier of college coaches and Dabo in tier 1B. Clemson just won their third straight conference title, claimed their third straight playoff berth, have already recorded their eighth straight 10+-win season, are 6-2 in bowls since 2011 and 7-4 in total under Swinney, and are a lock to nail down their sixth straight top 15 ranking and fourth top 10 ranking in the last five seasons. And of course they have a shot to repeat as national champions. Swinney has a .721 win percentage in ten seasons at Clemson, .774 since 2011.

Harbaugh, meanwhile, never even played for a national title - forget a chance to repeat one - never won the Pac 12, hasn't yet won his division in the Big Ten, has lost at least 3 games in six of his seven Power 5 seasons (and seven of his ten collegiate seasons), and is 2-2 in bowl games. Harbaugh has a .648 win percentage in seven seasons at Stanford and Michigan. If you add in his three seasons at San Diego, he jumps to .699.

Brian Kelly has a .667 win percentage in eight seasons at Notre Dame, by the way. If you add in his three seasons at Cincinnati, he jumps to .718. Also has lost at least 3 games in six of his 8 Power 5 seasons. And is 3-3 in bowl games.

In case it's unclear, I'm not making a case for Brian Kelly to be considered an "elite" coach. I'm making a case for Jim Harbaugh not to be considered an elite coach - as anathema as it may be to some, he's much closer to being Brian Kelly than he is to being Nick Saban. Like, muuuuuch closer.

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