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I think they (and Trump) did a masterful job.

by Grantland @, y'allywood, Monday, December 04, 2017, 07:27 @ JN
edited by Grantland, Monday, December 04, 2017, 07:30

First, Trump appealed to a very large portion of the middle class, and I do not want to stereotype too much, but who have racist tendencies. Those same people tend to believe conspiracy theories. Those same type of people are not going to admit they were wrong - ever.

Further, he bashes the press, and bashes the press and bashes the press...

So, none of those people are going to believe the so-called press when it cites statistics showing this is no middle class tax cut.

So they stay loyal to Trump.

Meantime, Trump and Republicans have given the people who donate large sums of money a HUGE tax break and they all understand that.

Build that warchest.

Then, the current economy will continue to improve for a year or two. They will cite their tax plan as the cause "just passage of the tax bill has stimulated the economy". When in reality we all know it is just cyclical and, God forbid, may be a result of more measured policies.

Then, by the time this shit comes home to roost, it will be too late because Trump will have been re-elected unless, of course, Flynn has indeed given the goods...


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