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As I mentioned just a second ago

by JN @, Seattle, Saturday, December 02, 2017, 10:21 @ Jay

I'm pissed at the GOP lawmakers. I certainly do want a discussion (and got one). I didn't expect anyone in the entire country, let alone the well educated folks who post here, to want to defend the process. It's shameful. Is that really up for debate?

I expected some of the responses that were received ("the process sucked, but this is a standard GOP bill") and those elicited further discussion of the substance. I didn't expect anyone to be offended by my attacking the GOP lawmakers that are so weak that they have to do this shit in the middle of the night on Friday to minimize the likelihood that their supporters find out what's really happening.

So I guess I'm not sorry for the tone as it wasn't directed at anyone here. As long as people continue to vote for these guys, I'll probably continue being pissed. I'm happy to talk substance but the current GOP lawmakers are too evil to focus only on that. This isn't normal and needs to be called out, imo.

Finally, my tone doesn't stand out from many of the others here. I'm not as measured as some, but far, far from the worst in tone and attacks on other posters (direct or indirect). I honestly cannot believe this shit just happened, I called out the parties responsible (no one here) and the focus is on whether those in power are being treated with the appropriate degree of respect.


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