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Defensive rotation

by Pat, Right behind you, Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 07:05

With the importance of stopping the FB dive as key to slowing down the Navy rushing attack, I started to take a look at the Ian/Cwynar rotation at NT in the Pitt game given how good Ian has been playing and how Cwynar has had a rougher time of it (although his quickness should be an asset against Navy and his relative lack of size won't be as big a detriment)

I then just figured out the rest of the D rotation so you can see how many players played through the first 47 snaps of the Pitt game (that's all I managed to chart so far...about halfway through Pitt's first TD drive in the 3rd quarter)

(If people start chipping in a few series here and there to the spreadsheet, I think a lot of interesting data can come from this. For example, in these 47 plays, the starting DL played 15 plays and gave up 4.26 yards/play. At least one backup played in 24 plays and gave up 5.42 yards/play)

Johnson - 29
H. Williams - 14
KLM - 3 (dime defense, more left DT than DE)
I. Williams - 1 (late to field, he slid in at DE)

I. Williams - 32
Cwynar - 12
Johnson - 1 (when Ian was late to field)

KLM - 31
Cwynar - 9
I. Williams - 3 (dime defense, more right DT than DE)
Shembo - 1 (played legit DE with B.Smith and Fleming at OLB)

Fleming - 47 (every snap)
Neal - 19
B.Smith - 13
Shembo - 5

Te'o - 47 (every snap)
Carlo - 41 (every non-dime defense snap)

Boundary CB
Gray - 35
Blanton - 9
Walls - 3 (possibility I mixed these 3 up)

Field CB
Walls - 36
Blanton - 8
Gray - 3 (possibility I mixed these 3 up)

H. Smith - 47 (every snap)

Slaughter - 27
Motta - 20

Blanton - 10

Motta - 6



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