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what's your enjoyment level of this season been so far?

by Jay ?, San Diego, Monday, November 09, 2015, 16:09
edited by Jay, Monday, November 09, 2015, 16:38

We're sitting here 8-1, poised for the playoffs. I have to admit with the early season injuries and transfers that I was bracing for a challenging season. There have been some stretches of poor play and moments of nailbiting terror, but I think on the whole this season has been really entertaining and surprising.

I'm just thrilled for this team. Showtime probably has something to do with it too, just being able to see what's happening on the ground as they keep moving forward, watching new talent and personalities emerging, and seeing guys keep stepping up. On the enjoyment scale of 1-sheer horror to 10-maximum bliss, I've got to give this thing a rocky, rollickin', freewheelin' 8.

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