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Because my description didn't?

by scriptcomesfirst @, Thursday, October 16, 2014, 14:00 @ Jay

You asked "who says he's a DE and not an OLB" and I responded with:

The coaches... That's what they've told him all along. He has a BETTER FRAME for adding weight than Barajas, too. He will be a guy that puts his on the ground and goes most of the time, but he's agile enough to be a great fit in BVG's zone blitzes as well.

I answered that assuming that you had not read the reports that said he was targeted for DE since the beginning for the above stated reasons. You gave a snarky response for reasons still a mystery to me.

The Pat said "This local article about him committing includes "defensive end" in the headline... He certainly looks like a pre-college weight room DE."

Yeah, I see the difference. Wait, no I don't.


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