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Notes from ND Campus Presentation (w/images)

by Mike (bart), Sunday, August 03, 2014, 11:00

this is just straight copied and pasted from my notes, so if something seems confusing or weird or sexy or whatever just let me know and I'll do my best to clarify.


Says ND Avenue should be primary axis of campus.

Campus GFA graphic. added 2M sf since 2000. Annual rate of growth is about to skyrocket (though naturally lumpy - not unprecedented). Easily largest, percentage and gross wise since Hesburgh.

NE Quadrant plan. Library lot 1000 cars. 10% of total. Plan is to develop a new quad. East Quad - built partially on the bones of Library Lot (structure near Stepan Lot). 217K sf research complex (wet lab), 2 residence halls (lumped in with Mod Quad?). Green space looks to be not much smaller than North Quad, but residence halls look a lot smaller in footprint than other dorms - taller? Looks really, really good as infill development. Creates useful, high density infill development while still preserving/creating a bunch of green space - concern about dorm heights.

--> New research facility is harmonious in style with rest of campus (collegiate gothic). Big for ND campus, but not out of character.

--> New residence halls. Will create interesting (not sports-conducive) courtyards with PE and Knott. Massing of buildings is a concern (image) - very vertical compared with rest of that part of campus. Much more West Quad dorm in type. Construction to begin in Spring 2015.

Campus South - Eddy St. free standing structures - new school of architecture, new "future building (barf)," new art museum -- all along the road to ESC (filling in that streetwall). Construction anticipated to be started "within next couple of years." Jenkins Hall and Nanovic Hall on ND Ave - will consume parking lot immediately south of Hesburgh Center. Looks ok, seems lower priority.

Hesburgh Renovations. Create a north-facing major entrance, esp. w/ new dorms. Skylights on 2nd floor to create more natural light, enliven those spaces. Renovations to begin in January 2015.

Campus Crossroads. Boilerplate, boilerplate. Succession of historical images starting at 20:45 showing increasing centrality of ND Stadium to campus over the years. Planning idea - drew a 1/4 mile radius from ND Avenue and South Quad - defined that location as "heart of campus." Academic zone exists in an inverted L N/S/NE from there, with two residential "neighborhoods" to North and West of academic zone. "Spiritual Center" of campus (Grotto/Basilica) is a "no build" zone in the eyes of ND. Cedar Grove area is also a "no build zone" De facto, open build zones are areas in and around stadium (seems like rationale that has been backed into, but that's just my .02).

--> Rendering of South Entrance - really daunting scope mismatch, imo. Image. Six stories. Camera elevation of image is about 12 ft off the ground, it looks like, also facing down. Think image from 6 ft. looking up or dead on would be much more vertigo-inducing.

-->-->South Building Floorplans - seems like tons of superfluous space. Club Space does not have view of the field, looks like standard pro stadium club space.

--> East Building. Look at the size of that big boy!

East Building Floor plans - digital media center - big spaces, don't know the use code/legend. Zillions of small academic office spaces. Plan is for psych lab to be adjacent to parking to facilitate labs. Then club seating and press. Rooftop terrace plazas (for club seating patrons?)

-->--> Image- anthropology seminar space.

This looks like a room that is larger than is needed for seminars, that was then filled with a weird pattern of furniture to make it seem well utilized. Obviously a biased opinion, but this is what happens when smart people are trying to make lemonade out of lemons that are way larger than necessary.

--> West Building (image sheds no new perspective on stuff). Building comprises approximately half of the NDXC total square footage. Floor plans - light purple is lounge areas? Oceans of casual seating.

-->--> Fitness center. Running track is in the shape of a beer bottle - seems weird. Only one basketball court? That sounds like a disaster. A ludicrous amount of studio space (green)

-->--> Career center screenshot. I can't imagine how often most of these rooms will actually be empty. What % of total potential room hours will actually get used? 10%? 15%?

-->--> Luxury boxes.


What happens to Bond Hall, Hagar Hall, etc.? We have committees examining all vacated space. Nothing to report yet, but we will find a use for the space (emphasis mine)

Do new dorms indicate a desire to increase student enrollment? no, we are only trying to relive existing housing pressures. There is no plan to grow enrollment.

Worried about the height of the Crossroads project? It is definitely a different scale. We think it will be fine. We built a very significant model of the buildings themselves and we believe we'll be successful there.

Increased amount of space for student basketball and volleyball? Working iwth partners in athletics to repurpose a lot of space in Joyce Center north dome

Construction for NDXC during football season? Should not have a negative effect on tailgating.

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