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I agree

by CK08, Thursday, February 27, 2014, 14:26 @ Jay

I think the concern is less about the student center/rec center, and more about the psych program getting pulled out of North Quad, the music program getting pulled out of God Quad, Career Services moving from Flanner or Grace (right?), etc.

Now, God Quad is already pretty quiet, North Quad is mostly dorms, and Flanner and Grace are never going to be the center of campus, nor should they be. So are we really losing much "vitality" from other parts of campus?

I actually applaud ND wanting to make the Eddy Street corridor the busiest part of campus during the day. It means a better physical connection to South Bend, which can only be a good thing. Most students already spend most of their weekdays in DeBartolo and Mendoza (and O'Shag, and the engineering buildings, etc). So that's already the center of academic activity.

But if they're going to do that, they need to commit to it. They can't have the Crossroads stuff sitting next to giant parking lots. Which is why I'm confused that they want to build a research building in what is now the Library Lot/D-2. That seems like the perfect building to put on Eddy Street near the DPAC.


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