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settling some TPG #bets

by Jay ?, San Diego, Wednesday, January 08, 2014, 12:30

our "bets" tag:

* "Rees averages 26 passes per game O/U." I lose big.

* the Niklas bet has been duly noted.

* various Bart bets resolved here:

* "Rees will have more TDs and fewer INTs than Gardner, but Gardner with more total TDs."

This one was interesting. Tommy, for all his foibles, did have 27 passing TDs on the year to 13 picks. Gardner went 21/11 passing, but also chipped in 11 rushing TDs. So except for the INTs, Bart pegs this one accurately.

* "Hendrixdozer, Yea or Nay?"
A resounding Nay.

* "Turnovers gained in 2013: 23.5". WAY short of this one, just 17 gained on the year (4 fumbles, 13 interceptions).

* Some bets still underway: BCS playoff expands to 8 teams within 12 years. In progress.

* Finally, was Niklas a Mackey finalist this year? If so, kudos to BillyGoat.



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