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Narduzzi, Diaco, and defense

by Jay ?, San Diego, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 11:25
edited by Jay, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 11:54

Going back to that Diaco discussion the other day, and the benefits/risks of replacing him...I suspected Diaco had a decent track record at ND compared to his peers, and wondered where his defenses ranked exactly. Over the last four years:

Scoring defense, Points Per Game given up, 2010-2013

Alabama 11.0
Florida State 15.1
Michigan State 17.2
LSU 17.4
Boise 17.8
Wisconsin 18.3
Stanford 18.9
Louisville 19.0
Notre Dame 19.1
Florida 19.3

By year, ND gave up 23-13-21-20 points per game.

These are unadjusted for SOS nor filtered for non-FCS competition, and I suspect ND would come out even better if those were taken into account.

He has tossed out a few clunkers in the last four years, but I guess this is why I support retaining him and would view his leaving as a big risk. On balance, he's been excellent. And it's notable that amid all the injuries and absences he had to contend with this year, he still turned in his second-best ppg performance at ND.



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