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yscore - 2013 in the matrix

by Supe ?, VA, Sunday, December 08, 2013, 19:10

Ok, prepare to have your mind blown.

So, with my yscore stuff, i develop rankings for teams. Now that the regular season is done, i thought it would be interesting to see how teams performed broadly by what they yscore ranking was (btw, FSU ended up #1, Auburn #20). So - I made a massive matrix.

Here's what the matrix is:
- each axis is the universe of FBS teams, starting at #1 in the upper left and then moving on down
- each red or blue dot is a game. blue = vertical axis beat the horizontal axis
- each black dot is nothing - no game was played
- each yellow block is the impossibility of a team playing itself

You can see squares in the chart - they are at 25 team increments (top 25, top 50, top 75, top 100). The two horizontal bars across are Auburn (at 20) and ND (at 25).

Some things I think about when I see this:
- I'm excited that the team with the higher yscore won 81% of the time (not adjusting for home field drops it to 79%)... how awesome is that?
- ND's loss to Pitt (that red dot on the far right in the 2nd horizontal row) is pretty bad. Although, it's not unheard of. But, it's still pretty bad
- ND was 2-1 vs top 25, 2-2 vs top 50, 0-0 vs top 75.
- SOS has a massive impact on W/L - I know this is a no-duh, but look at the rows in the top 25. FSU is 1-0 against the top 25 teams. Stanford is 4-1.




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