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pretty interesting exchange in the thurs presser

by Jay ?, San Diego, Friday, August 30, 2013, 07:25

I didn't see it mentioned yet.


Q: There was a story by Dan Wetzel earlier this month where you talked about a desire for having more of a voice within more University-wide issues or having a say in things. Could you talk about how that involvement has gone over the last six or nine months?

BK: I think those big picture items are a product of being here going on four years and to be accurate, and I know the article that you’re referring to, I don’t know if I want a voice, I just want to be part of the conversation. I think the communication is what I’m interested in more than anything else. Notre Dame has du Lac. Notre Dame has their policies and I am 100 percent behind all of those. I just want to be in the discussion. I want to be in the conversation. My voice doesn’t need to be heard per se, as much as I want to be in the loop when those decisions are made because when I make a commitment to a young man and his parents, relative to looking out for him, I want to be able to live up to that commitment. That’s really that’s all that’s about more than anything else, just I want to be in that loop of communication, that’s it.

Q: Are you in it now?

BK: I believe I am. I feel very comfortable that we have made substantial progress to that end. I think it’s like anything else, there’s a crack in the Sistine Chapel. We’re not perfect at Notre Dame. And it’s not perfect at Alabama. It’s not perfect. But we are committed to it and Father John (Jenkins) is committed to it, Jack Swarbrick, we’re all committed to getting better every day. That’s all I want. I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to keep getting better every single day. And I really believe that we’re getting better at it every day.

Q: Do you think being here for a fourth year accelerates that conversation or do you feel that 12-1 accelerates that conversation?

BK: Being here. For me, regardless of what the record is, accelerates that conversation. For me. We’re building a program, not just one year. One record should not be about how you run a program. This is more about how to run a program year-in and year-out.

Q: To follow up on that, in previous interviews ResLife said they thought one of the problems might be a coach can’t be the advocate for the player. Is that something that can be changed?

BK: I disagree with that premise, obviously. I believe that’s short-sighted. And I think that’s a flawed premise as it relates to advocacy. I think that cuts across student life, I think that cuts across academics, I think that cuts across everything as it relates to being a student athlete. That’s kind of the crux of where we are in terms of this old model that the football coach is trying to protect his players. I don’t subscribe to that. He should be accountable for his actions on a day-to-day basis, but we should all be part of the dialogue.


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