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4th play: McCarron to Jones for 27

by Jay ?, San Diego, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 10:09
edited by Jay, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 10:17

This is right before the half, with the score 21-0.

It's 3rd & 6, Alabama at the ND 38.

video link: (1:01:40)

Once again Alabama goes to shotgun in a third and long situation.

presnap read:

* Alabama has a 3 WR set which includes Christian Jones in the slot (the eventual receiver)

* ND is in nickel, with Shumate lined up on Jones in the slot.


presnap shift:

* Norwood will motion across the formation to the left side, which brings Motta down into the box. Farley is playing deep on the boundary hash. Note there is another receiver with Jackson playing press on the bottom of the screen.


* Te'o will blitz (or perhaps just crashes when he sees the RB stay in for pass pro)

At the snap, the outside receiver (Cooper, I think) will run a short stop route and sit, while Jones runs a deep corner.


I think Shumate actually keeps up with him pretty well, but McCarron drops a perfect pass to him over the sideline shoulder.


I'm giving Alabama the lion's share of the credit on this one: Shumate had good recognition and did not get juked, he stayed with him as best he could, but McCarron and Jones simply beat him. Maybe dock Farley some points for not being closer to the play.

McCarron will dump it off to Lacy for the TD on the next play, bringing the score to 28-0 at halftime.



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