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Friday tape: ND's first series vs Bama

by Jay ?, San Diego, Friday, February 01, 2013, 11:54
edited by Jay, Friday, February 01, 2013, 11:58

Revisiting Mike's breakdown of the ND possessions in the NC game. Details here:

I wanted to look at our first offensive possession and see if the plan was worth a shit (or not). Obviously we went three and out, so it didn't work. But I'm still wondering if the choices weren't sound.

First play is the 8-yard out to TJ. Nice completion.

My questions are really about the 2nd & 3rd plays of the series.

Second play is here:

It's 2nd & short. They split Eifert out, Milliner covering. Single safety over the top whom they want to neutralize by releasing Niklas off the line, too. Safety ends up out of the play.


Question: is throwing a sideline jump ball to Eifert all that horrible of an idea? If Golson keeps the ball in bounds, Eifert makes the catch and it's a thirty-yard gain.

Now 3rd & short.

Riddick motions into the backfield. Golson sees Eifert in single coverage and (presumably) changes the play to another downfield pass to Eifert. This time there's no safety help at all.


Again, a single-covered Eifert (even if covered by Milliner) -- a good decision? Hard to argue against it. Heck, he caught the ball both times.

On the other hand, when it's 3rd down, maybe it's safer to grab the first. Still, I'm sure there was an automatic check in that coverage for Golson, and it would have been a big play.



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