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Interesting Diaco interview

by HumanRobot @, Cybertron, Tuesday, December 22, 2009, 13:52

There's some good stuff that makes the whole article worth reading. The interview was from when he took over as UC DC. My interest was piqued by:

Since you're new, and basically the entire defense will be new, at least to starting roles next year, is it kind of a clean slate?

BD: I think in my opinion, one of the greatest core principles of coach Kelly's system is that everybody is needed. There is no depth chart. There's just the group and next man in. Next man in from a staff philosophy and next man in from a team philosophy. When it comes to the language of evaluation and everybody's got a clean slate, it's really out of place in coach Kelly's system.

Coach Kelly has said the team will be switching to a 3-4 defense ...

BD: I think that that's putting the cart before the horse a little bit. We're obviously going to represent the picture he has in his mind of his defense, but we need to dive into the personnel. And the process right now is less about the X's and the O's than the Jimmys and the Joes. It's about who these guys are and whether their assets are being accentuated and whether their liabilities are being protected. That will be the process, I believe, not necessarily what structure we're basing in and out of.

So are you're saying it's not set in stone that you will switch to a 3-4 next year?

BD: I'm not going to definitively say anything as it relates to the structure of the defense, other than to say it's not a high priority right now. It's more about the development of the fundamentals of how to play defense well. Which are the same no matter what system you're playing. We have a bunch of brand new players, basically 11 new defensive players, basically for all practical purposes, a new defensive staff. So it's about development of unit chemistry, development of staff chemistry, development of the skills necessary to play great defense, development of the skills necessary to be great teachers. That's what we're involved with right now, from my perspective.

What's your overarching defensive philosophy, if you have one?

BD: Keep the points down. I surely don't ever want to be a guy that's boxed into being a this or that. Like I said, the philosophy is to keep the points down. How do you need to keep the points down sometimes changes from day to day. It surely changes from week to week, based on the opponent. It may change based on the players available to you. It may change from year to year based on the types of players coming back. Like I said, it's protect players' liabilities and accentuate their assets. Keep the points down. And that's it. It's a dynamic that's constantly in flux.



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