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exec summary of that JS interview

by Jay ?, San Diego, Friday, December 28, 2012, 10:18

Full transcript here:

My notes on some of the more important issues:

* With the Big East falling apart, wants to be in the ACC as early as next season (2013-14 season) for all sport but football. Might have to wait until 2014-15.

* Football will commence ACC scheduling in 2014.

* Stanford is on par with USC and Navy for scheduling priorities. Then ACC. Then others, including the B10. JS evaded the question about future B10 matchups.

* They will "dry run" the BCS selection committee this year, in preparation for going live in 2014.

* NBC negotiations still underway.

* Digital platform booming. Interesting quote here. What does he mean by "second screen"?

We have a million things we have to do. We have to be better in the second-screen applications. Every year, every game more and more of our fans are accessing a second screen when they're watching Notre Dame football. The content on that second screen, what it provides and how it works is really important."

* Happy with the "Take a Stand" campaign to improve home stadium atmosphere, still tweaking. No mention of jumbotron.

* Sounds like we'll definitely have a new field in place at the stadium, to support in-stadium practices and other events. Surface type is undecided but he seemed down on the costs of maintaining a Green Bay-style hybrid. Mentioned inability to re-sod such a hybrid, but no mention of MSU or VT's grid system which is expressly designed for re-sodding. I wonder if JS is really up to speed on all the alternatives here.

* Hoops practice facility is a priority but no plan yet, and no funding. Building estimate is $30 million. Jay's question: how the hell does a basketball practice facility cost $30 million?

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