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Here's the Daniels Pass.

by Pat (Moco), Slave Den, Brian Cook's Basement, Wednesday, November 07, 2012, 21:36 @ Jay

Video of the Play (embedding did not work)::



--Based on what the lineup is, it looks like there are twins right up top (Daniels is at the very top of the screen) and twins left, with Eifert on the left side of the line.



--This is very rudimentary but it looks like Daniels was the primary target on the crossing route, with the rest of the receivers running sideline routes, most likely to save time if necessary.
--Eifert, on the left side, stays in to block.
--Daniels's initial route was a deep in, and he made it all the way to the opposite hash before breaking up field. It was excellent recognition on his part because he recognized that the safety jumped the outside deep route on his side. The Youtube replay shows Daniels's route exactly after the play.

The Snap:


--Receivers run their routes and Golson gets excellent protection. It looks as though he only scrambles around to make time for the receivers to get open. Pitt rushed only 4 and dropped 7.

The Throw:


--Golson underthrew this ball. If you can see, and Golson probably saw the same, Daniels had his guy beat because the safety vacated the area.

The Catch:


--Daniels's man fell but hung onto him when he realized he was going to make the catch. It likely saved a TD (along with Golson's underthrow). The trailing guy is the safety who hauled ass backwards once he realized Daniels went deep.



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