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Brian Kelly hasn't changed

by Dylan, Santa Barbara, CA, Wednesday, October 17, 2012, 16:09 @ CW (Rakes)
edited by Jay, Sunday, February 24, 2013, 16:32

Extending the "building" analogy, the construction of a house has discrete phases, and each phase has its own set of tools. As the house comes together, the tools evolve from brutish to precise. Hammers and saws do the rough work at the beginning. It's loud and chaotic and there's shit laying all over the place, but no one cares how it looks because it's not a house yet. None of us knows what it takes to build a football program. Very few of us can tell the difference between a nail and a screw. But that doesn't stop people from calling for the contractor's head because he used an International to dig the foundation and goddammit we use John Deere around here.

Kelly, like any contractor, is changing tools to suit the needs of the job. When he got to ND, the softness of the team, the entitlement mentality, the "professional" approach employed by Weis, all these things were well known. Kelly had to wring that mentality out of the team and he did it by taking charge and establishing himself as the alpha. People predisposed to hating him saw this as arrogance or whatever, but he was implementing a plan and he was rewiring the way those kids thought. He was prickly, combative, defensive. So what? He was whipping the culture into shape. You don't use a putty knife in the demo phase.

I see this year as the year the house was framed. The demand for hammers has given way to screwdrivers. The floor is down, there's drywall going up. With any luck, we'll see some of the finishing tools this year, but I'm not counting on it. I expect the final coat of paint will be applied next August.

The guy has risen to the top of his field over the course of a 20+ year career. We can assume he knows of what he speaks. It's silly to think that, because this year's team has flipped the turnover script, that BK has undergone some metamorphosis.

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